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Coast CCA has negotiated funds for conference travel for unit members to attend two events per semester. In the past, Coast CCA has had there own form to accompany this process. For the sake of expediency, we’ve eliminated this additional form. Since the conference form passes through many hands, it’s best to submit it at least 6-8 weeks prior to the scheduled event. Here is the current procedure:

1. Get a District Conference Authorization Request from your dean, and complete that form. Be sure to secure your dean’s signature.

2. Make a copy of this form for your records. Write your phone number and email address on the top of the form.

3. Place the original form and supporting documents in the send it through interoffice mail to the attention of Mike Carlucci at the Coastline Community College Center in Fountain Valley, and send an email to Michael Carlucci (at to let him know that these documents are there.

4. We will then review this documentation and, if approved, will immediately forward your request to the appropriate VP of instruction. Once approved by the VP, it will be sent to the Board for final approval.

5. Once approved, the Board will send you a letter with a reimbursement claim form. Keep a look out in your mailbox for this.

6 After returning from the conference, fill out the reimbursement claim form attaching receipts within ten days. This should then be forwarded to the College President for approval.

7 Again make copies of everything.

8. This reimbursement form will be returned to your mailbox for you to send (or hand deliver) to Accounts Payable at the District Office in Costa Mesa (across from OCC).

9 Watch for your check in the mail!

10 Upon your return, file a brief report about the conference with Coast CCA through a member of Our Team. It will be placed on our website so that colleagues can benefit from your experience.

Be sure to follow the above procedure to minimize any difficulties in reimbursing you for your travel expenses.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for streamlining this process!!!

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