February 27, 2015

To: Chapter Leaders

From: Lynette Nyaggah, CCA President Adam Wetsman, CCA/CLA Director

We are excited to announce the new CCA California Leadership Academy. The Academy will begin training sessions at the 2015 Spring Conference and we are actively seeking applicants. The Academy will be funded by CCA. The Academy is designed to train and empower faculty members with leadership skills for statewide opportunities.

Approximately 20 faculty members from local chapters will be chosen. The primary goal of the Academy is to prepare faculty to take on leadership roles beyond their local chapters. Therefore, please pass this information on to the members in your chapter for consideration.

Members chosen for the 2015-16 CCA/CLA will begin their training at the 2015 Spring Conference at the Hilton Costa Mesa.

This is a wonderful opportunity for your chapter as well as the candidate who participates. Again, the purpose of the CCA California Leadership Academy is to educate members to serve in leadership roles beyond the local chapter. The desired outcome of the Academy will be to make our Association stronger by having informed, trained leaders participating in CCA at the statewide level.

The deadline to submit applications is 5:00 p.m. on March 13, 2015.

Applications are also available on the CCA website:

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