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Need help for upcoming Educator stories
Have an idea for a story? Know someone we should profile?
April 5, 2017
Dear CTA Presidents:
We hope you had a wonderful spring break (or will have one soon).
With summer on the horizon, we want to let you know that the California Educator magazine is looking for CTA members in good standing to be featured in articles for upcoming editions this fall — and beyond.
We are looking for members of various ages, ethnicities, grade levels and regions throughout the state to feature in our stories, and we welcome your suggestions of possible members to include. Please send your responses to Sherry Posnick-Goodwin via email at and provide, if possible, the member’s name, school, chapter name, contact information, and a sentence or two about why they fit the bill. If your chapter hasn’t had a lot of coverage, please consider this as one way to remedy that.
Here are some of the stories we are planning that need CTA members to make them interesting and compelling. We would like to interview members either on the telephone, in person or via email ASAP (April or May before school ends!) about the following topics:
  • Tips for a stellar back to school night.
  • Great field trip ideas — and photos to prove it — along with a few sentences about why they were so awesome. Photos and explanations of field trips taking place before the end of this school can be submitted in June.
  • Benefits of the No One Eats Alone program. If your school participates in this nationwide program to alleviate lunch loneliness and make your campus more inclusive, please let us know.
  • Understanding the teenage brain. We want to hear your experiences — or views about the research — that the teenage brain is, well, different, and how this impacts learning and behavior.
  • Probationary teachers. We’re looking for some tips on surviving the first two years by someone who’s just made it through the probationary period — or veterans who work with them. We have done stories on BTSA and induction, but for this story we want practical advice to help newbies make it through the probationary period and some pitfalls to avoid — as well as some personal experiences on how stressful it can be and what can help make it easier.
  • Unsung heroes. We’re looking for those who drive a hard bargain — in other words, members of a bargaining team who can talk about what it takes for this role.
  • Virtual reality. Know any educators teaching a foreign language, the solar system, or other cool things through virtual reality? Google Cardboard has dramatically reduced costs, making it a reality for some teachers.
  • Resist. Looking for tips — and selfies — of easy things educators can do to resist the movement to defund and devalue public schools.
  • The separation between church and state is a timely topic. We are looking for teachers who can discuss things such as: the fine line between separation of church/state and religious freedom in the classroom; how religion can be taught objectively in certain classes; the importance of maintaining separation between church and state; and how it can sometimes become blurry.
  • DACA. Fewer signups? More paranoia? Let us know, please.
  • Tips for a great year, whether it’s helping defiant students, building community, cleaning your whiteboard, etc. Just send them with your name, email address and phone number, and a selfie. Or if your school staff did something amazing this year to make things better, let us know.
  • The “re-imagined classroom,” meaning one that is beautiful, flexible, innovative and stimulates learning. Let us know what you’ve done, whether it’s through reconceptualizing, redesigning, or something else.
  • People who would be great to profile. What do they do and what makes them stand out?
  • Budget cuts looming? Let us know what’s on the chopping block or what might be next year.
  • Teaching about global warming — in an era where leaders deny it exists.
  • Education Support Professionals. What does it take to get a school ready over the summer for the fall?
  • shortage of bilingual teachers — is it a problem now that schools can teach in a second language without a waiver?
Thank you so much in advance for helping to make the California Educator the No. 1 NEA education magazine in the country.
The CTA Communications staff
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