Protecting Your Property from Climate Change

Protecting Your Property from Climate Change

While there may be some debate about the cause, more and more people are accepting the fact that a changing climate is leading to erratic weather with more intense storms, prolonged drought, and rising temperatures¹.

There are many important steps you can take to help protect your property and your family from the major effects of storms and fires.

Keeping your home well maintained is essential to withstand the vagaries of weather. You can find a wealth of information about creating defensible space and home maintenance tips at the California Casualty Resource Page,

Know Your Insurance

You also need to understand your insurance and know: if your homeowners policy includes replacement cost or actual cash value, whether you are covered for new additions, improvements or appliance and other upgrades, and that a floater or scheduled personal property endorsement is needed to fully cover high value items such as fine art, furs, jewelry, silverware and musical instruments.

And, without comprehensive coverage, your vehicle won’t be protected if it is damaged or destroyed by a flood, fire or falling tree limb.

California Casualty is also ready to give you a policy review to make sure that you have the protection you need. Failing to do so could leave you severely under-protected if your home were damaged by a raging fire or storm.  Call a California Casualty advisor today for the best protection with the discounts you deserve at 1.800.800.9410 or go to

¹ Global Climate Change: Evidence. (2008, June 15). Retrieved January 14, 2015, from  MORE

A Message From California Casualty’s Auto & Home Insurance

To CTA Policyholders…

The Butte, Lake, Mendocino, Napa, Sonoma and other fires have already caused much damage and personal disruption for many families.  California Casualty deeply regrets these events are occurring, and California Casualty wants to assure you that they are here for you during this critical time.

If you have an auto, homeowner or renters policy with California Casualty and have:

1. Been forced to evacuate your home
2. Suffered smoke damage
3. Suffered other fire related damage

Please call California Casualty toll-free at 1-800-800-9410 so that they can assist you as quickly as possible.  When you call, press 4 when prompted or remain on the line for an operator and you will be transferred to a claims specialist who can assist you.

California Casualty is doing their very best to quickly take care of all of their customers affected by this tragedy.

Get More from Your Life Insurance with Life Services Toolkit

Life Services Toolkit is available at no additional cost to those insured under a group Life Insurance policy from the only CTA-endorsed carrier – The Standard. Some of the services available to the plan participants through the Life Services Toolkit: Estate Planning Assistance, Financial Planning, Health and Wellness Information, Identity Theft Prevention, and Funeral Arrangements.

In addition, the Toolkit includes services for your beneficiaries: Grief Support, Legal Services, Financial Assistance, Support Services (such as help with funeral or memorial services), and Online Resources.

To learn more visit: MORE

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