Is it time to review the 2017 changes to your CalSTRS or CalPERS plans?

Have the CalSTRS/CalPERS contributions affected you?

If you are not already aware, CalSTRS/CalPERS has increased its employee contribution’s limits to fund the shortfall of the state retirement system. If you have not reviewed your pension with an approved vendor, it is time to do so. A 10 minute review with a professional can help you answer the following questions and more:

  • Am I going to have to work longer?
  • Are the contributions that I am currently making enough to provide me with the money I need for retirement?​
  • Will my pension change before retirement, and what additional steps can I take to prepare?

Is there anything I can do now to help​ me retire earlier than 63 if I want to?

Financial success for educators does not only involve knowing how to plan for retirement, but also how to maximize your benefits. It takes careful planning, management, and educating to help you reach your goals for both today and tomorrow.

  Representatives will be working in your district until Friday, December 8th.

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