NEW IMPORTANT BENEFIT – Long Term Care Open Enrollment is Here!

Open enrollment for Long Term Care is here. Interested and want to schedule an appointment?   Please schedule your appointments directly with American Fidelity Assurance Company representative, Paul Leaverton, through the online scheduler at   The representative will be on site for appointments on the following dates. If you are unable to meet on…

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CTA Credit Union Program

Many of us bank with Schools First Credit Union, but did you know the CTA Credit Union Program includes two additional credit unions, Logix Federal Credit Union (newly endorsed in 2012) and Provident Credit Union (originally endorsed in 1950)?   Many members prefer banking with credit unions as they are regional, not for profit, member…

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Pregnancy is a time of great excitement and change. Understanding how your body is changing and what your baby needs can help you make good decisions during your pregnancy. The CTA Economic Benefits Trust provides the CTA Well-Baby Program to eligible CTA members or to a spouse/domestic partner of eligible CTA members at no additional…

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