MIKE CARLUCCI, Coast CCA President honored with a W.H.O. Award at the 2017 Spring Community College Association Conference

WE HONOR OURS   [ W.H.O.]  Award Presented to Coast CCA President MIKE CARLUCCI  at the Spring CCA Conference W.H.O. Banquet  in Manhattan Beach, California  on April 22, 2017 From V.P. of Grievance and Negotiation Chair, Richard Boddie; Mike Carlucci is an amazing man, in that he does so many things well, simultaneously! And he has done…

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NEW IMPORTANT BENEFIT – Long Term Care Open Enrollment is Here!

Open enrollment for Long Term Care is here. Interested and want to schedule an appointment?   Please schedule your appointments directly with American Fidelity Assurance Company representative, Paul Leaverton, through the online scheduler at https://benefits.americanfidelity.com/coast-community-college-district.   The representative will be on site for appointments on the following dates. If you are unable to meet on…

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Union Fees

2016-2017 Coast CCA Due Deductions: – Four installments of $33.41 per semester Local only – $70.00 per year If you paid NEA/CTA/CCA at another institution please contact us at mike@coastcca.org. Thank you!

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Conference Travel Form

PROCEDURE: Coast CCA has negotiated funds for conference travel for unit members to attend two events per semester. In the past, Coast CCA has had there own form to accompany this process. For the sake of expediency, we’ve eliminated this additional form. Since the conference form passes through many hands, it’s best to submit it…

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