Please note that our current Bylaws are in the process of being revised. Click link below to download a copy of the previous bylaws. Once the new Bylaws are approved by the appropriate parties, the new version will be posted. Click here to download a copy of our current bylaws.

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Become a member

Membership Form Download INFORMATION ABOUT AGENCY FEE Your membership in CCA-CTA/NEA offers valuable benefits that are not otherwise available to you. These benefits are NOT available unless union membership is activated These benefits of CCA-CTA/NEA membership are automatic. Death and Dismemberment Insurance Up to $2,000 in death benefit and Up to $10,000 accidental death and…

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File for Unemployment

Part-time California Community College instructors are entitled to unemployment benefits when we are not working. This includes summers and breaks between quarters/semesters. Click here for more information about filing for your benefits at Here’s one hard-earned right part-time faculty can exercise two or three times a year, and yet few of us do: The…

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