Union Q & A
You have questions and we have answers for you!
Listed below are some of the questions we receive and ones that you may have. If you don’t find what you are looking for below please email any member of Our Team.

Membership Information:

Q. Have I completed your membership form?

A. If you answer is yes, there is nothing further required for you to receive the benefits afforded you. If you answer is NO, visit our Become a Member page for more details or contact a member of Our Team for an application.

Q. I have some issues or concerns that I would like to include in the next contract negotiations? Who do I talk to about this?

A. Please email or contact any of the board members or your campus rep!


Q. How do I know whether I have a grievance?

A. A grievance is a perceived violation of some section of the contract. Harassment and unfair labor practices, for example, are not grievances but can and should be pursued through other means. When in doubt email the grievance officer.

Union Meetings:

Q. When and where does the executive board meet?

Board meetings are typically held on the 3rd Friday of every month. Though specific times vary, meetings are typically held in the afternoon. Any member of the union or the public is welcome to attend a board meeting.

Q. Who can participate in the executive board meetings?

A. All members of the union or the public are invited to participate in the upcoming Coast CCA Executive Board Meetings!

Q. How do I get a position on the Executive Board?

A. Take a look at the description of what your board does and when; then contact either Mike Carlucci, Richard Boddie, Lynn Buller to see what positions are available and what might be a good fit for you!