Since 1996, I have been a Part-Time instructor at Coastline College. I have been teaching since 1989. Other schools I have taught at: Fullerton, Saddleback and Santa Monica Colleges. I have been on the Coast CCA board for over 5 years now(2 years as your President)and have attended CCA Conferences to learn how to better serve our members.

In addition to my teaching duties, I am an Actor (“King of Queens”, “Drew Peterson Story”, “The Muppets Movie”, “Nip/Tuck”, “Rizzoli& Isles”, “Big Time Rush”), Voice Over Artist (Nike, Gatorade, McDonalds, Coors Light, AT&T and SONY Playstation Videogames; MLB ’13-’15, Gretzky NHL, Saints Row 3 & 4 and Time Crisis:Project Titan) and Sports Announcer (Dodgers, Ducks, Kings, UCLA, 4 Olympics & Fox Sports Radio). As a SAG/AFTRA member I have experience being involved with high profile unions. I know what needs to be accomplished in these organizations and what it takes to work together and move forward with the efforts to help enlighten part-time faculty of our benefits and rights.